Percy Menzies, President of ARCA Midwest, recently was on Channel 11 KPLR – St. Louis. On Monday’s Afternoons on 11, April Simpson and Percy addressed the spike in heroin deaths across the United States and how it is hitting homes in the St. Louis area. Several counties are trying to raising public awareness about the epidemic.

One local man who tried to help save his friend from addiction knows all too well the power of heroin. They talked about Bryant “hairkutt” Jackson’s 15 year addiction to heroin and how he tried to quit cold turkey in a week. After nights of pain and agony he explained getting rid of the demon wasn’t going to be that easy and the treatment “hairkutt” needed turned out to be more than his friends could actually help him with. Getting high, no longer was a desire, but a necessity.

They reached out to ARCA and Percy for St. Louis’ most comprehensive treatment program based off the latest scientific approaches coupling medications with behavioral therapy. Follow the link below to see the broadcast:

Afternoons on 11: Beating Heroin Addiction

Patients and their loved ones are encouraged to schedule an initial consultation with ARCA, which can be a same-day appointment. A trained and knowledgeable member of our intake staff will meet with you. We will discuss your situation to gather a detailed understanding of the severity of the problem. We will consider employment and confidentiality issues during our initial assessment. Other factors will include legal issues, or family issues that may have a bearing on your treatment.

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