Business Mission and Vision
ARCA’s business model is driven by a strong referral base, aggressive marketing strategy,
convenient full-continuum treatment services and outcome driven approach resulting in strong
free cash flow.
Patient referrals come to ARCA through a variety of sources, including healthcare practitioners,
public programs, other treatment facilities, social workers and word of mouth from previously
treated patients and their families. The Company devotes significant resources to establishing
strong relationships with potential referral sources and has cultivated relationships directly with
managed care organizations, trade unions and large employers.
Patients typically prefer private, confidential methods for obtaining information about their
treatment alternatives. Accordingly, ARCA focuses its marketing efforts on building brand
awareness of treatment services and delivers this information through a variety of advertising
mediums including radio, print and social media. The Company engages in local, direct-toconsumer
advertising and marketing targeted at increasing awareness of ARCA and the
programs offered.