Three Month Addiction Treatment Program The three month program fee covers typical member fees for all services (see below), injection fees for Vivitrol, convenience of scheduling, program availability 6 days a week at multiple locations, access to crisis line, unlimited group session, ad-hoc therapy as needed and therapeutically  identified. After successful completion of the program and maintaining sobriety access to on-going support groups continue for an additional 2 months.  If there is an absence greater than 30 days between group sessions, you will lose the privilege of the additional aftercare support groups. Insurance: It will be ARCA’s responsibility to bill your insurance for all services. There is not a guarantee on insurance coverage through the program. Medication costs are separate from the program. As stated previously, addiction is a brain disease that is life long and each person’s treatment is unique: however, it is found that most individuals find more success, as well as our clients, have found to benefit most from over a six (6) month period of time. With the 3 month program individuals respond well with the following services: Physician / Psychiatrist / Psychiatric NP – Regular visits: (6 visits)

  • Initial H&P
  • 2 week follow up
  • 4 week follow up repeated till the end of treatment
Nursing consultation – Every 2 weeks (4 visits)
  • Initial Nursing Assessment
  • 1 week follow up
  • 4 weeks follow up and repeated until the end of treatment
Urine Drug Screens – A UDS is done for every Physician, Nursing, and Therapist visit (approximately 22) Therapist – weekly (12 visits) Group Therapy and Education – minimum of 3 times per week (no less than 36 visits) Family Therapy – as needed, depending on support system Family Education / Support Group – Weekly (12 visits) Access to 24/7 crisis support Our approach and belief is to establish a mutually agreed upon treatment plan up front, dedicate your time to the program so that long term benefits can be gained.[/et_pb_text][/et_pb_column][/et_pb_row][/et_pb_section]]]>