John, an ARCA patient, discusses his story about his recovery from heroin addiction with Dave Glover of NewsTalk 97.1 FM, Percy Menzies of ARCA, his mother, Jan, and father, Dan.  John previously used Suboxone and began using the anti-craving drug called Vivitrol in the 30-day shot form that finally gave him the moment of clarity he needed to start the road to recovery from addiction.

John’s family is now starting up a non-profit organization called the Archway Institute, which will provide help for those facing addiction by assisting them financially and by providing a support network.

Listen to John’s story about heroin addiction recovery in the two-part segment recorded from the NewsTalk 97.1 FM On-Air Live Interview below by clicking on the links below and an audio player will open in a new browser window, or watch John in the video player below the audio links.