The Saint Louis Police Foundation Fall Sports Luncheon was hosted September 3, 2013 at the America’s Center in Downtown St. Louis. ARCA is proud to support the Mission and Vision of the St. Louis Police Foundation and was happy to attend the Fall Sports Luncheon. You can learn more about the Foundation on their website at The Fall Sports Luncheon, presented by The Boeing Company, is the Foundation’s largest fundraising event and is hosted by dedicated Foundation supporters Joe Buck, Dan Dierdorf and Ozzie Smith.

Saint Louis Police Foundation Fall Sports Luncheon

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MISSION – The St. Louis Police Foundation provides monetary aid, services and goods to the St. Louis Police Department. The Foundation supports programs, initiatives and projects that are strategically focused to complement the Department’s policing strategies and ensure the highest level of police service to the St. Louis community.

WHAT IS NEEDED? – St. Louis’ Police Department runs on a bare-bones budget and still has been able to reduce crime. Federal money is less available and the tax base is declining. With 88% of the annual budget needed for personnel, there is little left to pay for new technology and improved training to help keep our citizens and officers safe. The Foundation provides a safety net to fund critical needs.

The St. Louis Post Dispatch covered the event providing a summary of the luncheon along with some key points about the Foundation.  The article can be found below for easy reference and was originally posted here:

Foundation helps meet St. Louis police needs

September 08, 2010 12:10 am  •  BY CHRISTINE BYERS • > 314-863-2821

ST. LOUIS • America’s Center turned into a virtual show-and-tell for the city police on Tuesday — complete with a helicopter takeoff from the middle of Washington Avenue — as the force thanked the St. Louis Police Foundation for funding some of its many equipment needs.

About 1,000 people attended the fourth annual Fall Sports Luncheon to raise money for the nonprofit.

The foundation started in July 2007, receiving donations that included $162,500 from the Veronica Susan Dougherty Trust and $50,000 from Lohr Distributing Co. Over three years, it has raised more than $1 million — about $850,000 of which has been spent on equipment and other needs, said Douglas A. Albrecht, its president. He is the former chairman and president of the Centric Group.

The concept is based on the New York City Police Foundation. Atlanta and Chicago are among about 30 other cities where private foundations raise money to supplement regular budgets.

Michelle Bagwell, who as the executive director here is the only paid employee, said it is a “lean and mean” operation that operates in donated office space. The lunch is its only fundraiser. Police Chief Dan Isom said the help is crucial.

Donations have included:

• A new fence tractor and mower for a 60-acre canine facility.

• A horse for the mounted patrol.

• Two all-terrain vehicles for policing Forest Park.

• Six sniper rifles for the hostage rescue team.

• Air-conditioning at the police academy.

• Equipment to aid in locating suspects from helicopters.

• Fifty in-car camera systems.

• A memorial breakfast to honor fallen officers.

Albrecht said the organization’s goal is to equip all 155 patrol cars with in-car cameras, which will cost about $450,000. By the end of this year, 88 will have cameras, he said.

Sports figures Joe Buck, Dan Dierdorf and Ozzie Smith provided entertainment for a crowd that included supporters from St. Charles and St. Louis counties. “We all need to take part in the city,” Bagwell said. “We may not live there or work there, but we all go there.”