Heroin in the Heartland was another melodramatic segment that did little to help people devastated by heroin.  It talked about the problem but not the solution. The segment did not attempt to ask the question on why the patient relapsed repeatedly. What is treatment? We compare addiction to cancer, diabetes but do not ask the question as why we do not treat addiction similar to treating diabetes or cancer. If a patient with cancer called a doctor or a hospital and asked what is involved in treatment, they would be given clear and precise answer. The treatment is standardized and follows defined protocols. Similarly, the treatment of diabetes follows well-defined algorithms involve medications, counseling on diet, exercise etc. Call a treatment center, especially those that offer ‘rehab’ in fancy places like Florida and check out the anwer is? Very likely you are told to get on the next flight to start ‘rehab’ and get your life back! The patient may spend few weeks to a few months and when he/she returns home there is virtually no protection from relapsing to drug or alcohol use. If relapse occurs, it always the patients fault. It is time, that we start exposing the sorry and sordid state of treatment that does little to help people get well.]]>