gazine reported the following facts:

In 2016, the pharmaceutical companies that make opioid painkillers raked in $8.6 billion in sales for 336 million opioid prescriptions, according to the data firm QuintilesIMS. That’s enough to give pain pills to 9 out of every 10 American adults. Analysts estimate that the follow-on opioid market is worth at least $3 billion a year. Given current trends, some project that it will top $6 billion by 2022. Pharmaceutical companies made billions promoting the aggressive prescribing of opioids. Now they’ll make billions from treating the consequences of overprescription. Now, as read and reread these facts, again and again, I cannot understand how our government continues to allow these criminals to operate with free rein. Therefore, I enlisted, Percy Menzies, a pharmacist who founded the outpatient treatment clinics, Assisted Recovery Centers of America, in the St Louis area that treats more than 800 heroin patients a month. The following interview is an attempt to understand why we are losing our war against opioid addiction.”
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