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Providing Mental Health and Addiction Treatment in St. Louis, MO


ARCA offers the most comprehensive, science-based treatment program that is radically different from conventional programs. On the road to recovery, our program may well be the best option for you to attain and maintain long-term rehabilitation and make a better future for yourself and your family.

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Leaders in Addiction Medicine

Assisted Recovery Centers of America (ARCA) is a comprehensive behavioral health treatment provider operating drug and alcohol treatment centers located in St. Louis, Missouri that specialize in treating mental health issues coupled with chemical dependencies.

We understand the stress and anxiety of seeking treatment for alcohol or drug dependence.  The situation is even more stressful when patients are seeking treatment after multiple relapses. The most common question that we are asked is, “How is your treatment program different, and will it work for me?”

We offer confidential, individualized treatment programs—and we mean it.

Patients and their loved ones are encouraged to schedule an initial consultation with us, which can be a same-day appointment. A trained and knowledgeable member of our intake staff will meet with you. We will discuss your situation to gather a detailed understanding of the severity of the problem. We will consider employment and confidentiality issues during our initial assessment. Other factors will include legal issues, or family issues that may have a bearing on your treatment.

Each person is unique, and so we tailor each of our alcohol and drug treatment programs to fit the needs of the individual.

A majority of our patients can be successfully treated in an outpatient treatment program.

This approach has several benefits.

There is little to no interruption of employment, which results in no loss of income, and preserves confidentiality. This is a major consideration for professionals seeking treatment. The outpatient treatment programs allow patients to return to work within days of beginning treatment.

This approach treats patients in their natural environment of work and family life. The cues and triggers of past alcohol and drug use are overcome in the real world where patients live and work every day. The familiar landscape that was contributing to the addiction now becomes part of the treatment. The measure of success for a treatment program is when patients cease to give in to their cravings when exposed to past cues and triggers.

How is addiction recovery achieved?

Patients are medically detoxified to attenuate the withdrawal symptoms.  The medications prescribed by the doctors will weaken the withdrawals and also treat other symptoms like anxiety, and insomnia.  Treating the withdrawal symptom is the first and important step on the road to recovery.

The next important step is starting patients on anti-craving medications that block the cravings for the alcohol or drugs.

There are over a dozen highly effective anti-craving medications, and many of them are non-addicting.

These medications blunt the cravings and allow you to focus on long-term recovery. When the turmoil of withdrawal and craving is calmed, the patient can now be actively involved in changing the behavioral aspect of the addiction through individual, group, and family counseling and seeing a psychiatrist.

This important part of treatment can be done with minimum disruption of work or family obligations. The sessions can be scheduled in the day time, in the evenings, or on Saturdays.


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