Addiction Treatment Patient Testimonials

The patients who choose ARCA want more than a Twelve-Step program.

Alcoholism and addiction to drugs like prescription pain medications, heroin, cocaine and other drugs can be devastating to the patient and the patient’s family. Out of a sense of fear, shame, and guilt, patients will hide their problems in the desperate hope that they will get better on their own.  When the parents or the loved ones learn about the problem, the initial shock is quickly replaced by anger, guilt, and deep disappointment.

These are just a few of the emotional questions that arise when a family member seeks help for an addictive disorder: What should we do to help? Send the loved one away to an expensive treatment program in California or Arizona? Can we afford the program? Should we call the family physician, or our pastor? Is it time for a family intervention, and who will do it? Will my loved one ever get well?

The ARCA approach may just be the best program for you or your loved one.

Advances in the understanding of addictions have led to the development of highly effective medications and therapies that allow long-term recovery to occur in an Outpatient Program. Due to these advances, the majority of treatment can now occur in the natural home environment of the patient with minimal disruption to daily life.

ARCA has helped many individuals achieve complete recovery from addiction. We often receive letters from current and past patients expressing thanks for the treatment our caring staff provided. Browse the gallery to view testimonials from our patients.

ARCA Patient Testimonials


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